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Yes, I know I said we’re all writers, but I do the thing! I’ve made a few bucks off of it, too!

Although I’ve self published a few books, the one that I’ve actually sold, and that has actually been purchased by actual real people is called “Black Friday: A Zombie Story” and it is currently available in paperback on Amazon.

The story is told in first person, and takes place on, you guessed it, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, in a retail store. It follows a few hours in the lives of employees and customers of the store, when it is overcome by zombies!

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Because it is! It’s got laughs, but it also has it’s serious side.

I feel that now is the moment at which I must admit that the idea was not originally my own. The idea was given to me by a former coworker who said that The event of Black Friday reminds him of a zombie movie that takes place in a mall, Dawn of the Dead.

So, amused I though, “What if there were zombies in “the store” on Black Friday?” I mentioned it to my coworker, mentioned that I should ” totally write that story!” He laughed, agreed, and joked that if I get rich off of it, he “gets a cut.”

I don’t know where he is now, that coworker, but I am glad for the idea. Once I decided I would start the story, began asking others if they wanted to be in it. Several people agreed, and once the story eventually got under way, it became pretty popular at work.

I began posing pages or chapters on a Facebook page I started for the story.

The story is no long online in all it’s entirety, but I plan on posting it here on its own page in the very near future. There is a two-three chapter preview available there, so check it out!

Thanks for reading!