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One of the many other things, besides writing and words, I love is art. I am not an expect on famous artists or works, although I could pick out a Monet when tasked with it. But I like to make it. I don’t profess to be much of an artist, I simply like to say i enjoy making it. I enjoy making it the most, when I am proud of it.

So for today’s post, I share with you my Valentine’s day gift to my husband. This year I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on him, and I know he would have been fine without a gift. But I also knew that he already had me something, and I don’t feel right about not returning the favor. Also, I think there is nothing better that a thoughtful well made gift.

He is a HUGE Dr. Who fan, and and I’d had the idea for this painting for a long time. The good was to make it appear that the Tardis was in space, surrounding by stars. I tried a few techniques, but eventually settled on using a few spray bottles and some watered down acrylic paints. Five hours and a lot of spattered paint later, and it was perfect.


Now, I don’t get that moment often, but I had a moment when I made one final messy spray of black paint when I paused in awe, and said, “it’s finished.” It was an amazing moment! That moment and the happiness and pride that came from it is why I’m sharing my painting on a writing blog!