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Is there such a thing as “Blog karma” or something? Because usually I’ve when I get a like on a post, or perhaps a new follower, I think, “I’ll check them out, and perhaps like or follow them! Perhaps as a thank you for visiting, come back soon!” I very rarely get a comment, and I’m always excited when I do. So when I do get one, I make sure to at least like it, and perhaps leave a response.

But then, sometimes I wonder if people even read the post they like. Do they just “Facebook” and scroll through look at the title and first few words and think, sure, I’ll like it?! I’m wondering because I’m trying to decide if I’m just making posts for the one commenter, and the handful of actual followers, who I’m not even sure if they’ve liked many posts after following.

That’s the problem I had win my Black Friday Facebook page, at first I’d get likes and comments from people, then slowly, once I stopped posting story pages, they dwindled. I get a handful of likes, maybe a comment (usually the same people) but then nothing. That page has 49 followers. I know because that 1 haunts my dreams.

So, do people just like my posts to hopefully illicit a view or like or comment from me? Because, what’s the point?