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I would like to thank the Yahoo Homepage for the idea for this post. I got a laugh.

I hate that the wardrobe of of celebrities is news. OH NO! These two actresses wore the same dress! This actress is wearing the dress she got married in to a Hollywood event! This actor is wearing a bag over his head that says “I’M NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”. Okay that last one was hilarious.

But still, when I go to Yahoo to see what their headlines are I don’t want to see that Kate Beckinsale and Taylor Swift wore the same dress. I would rather read more on that missing Malaysian plane, or the explosion in New York. Yes, my writer’s brain thinks that the plane somehow found a rip in the time space continuum or the explosion in New York was caused by an evil genius trying to create a death ray. And I feel terrible about that.

But two celebrities wearing the same dress IS NOT NEWSWORTHY.

UNLESS they face-off in a BATTLE TO THE DEATH in said dress. Doesn’t even have to be to the death (Battle to the Dress). Now THAT is news, THAT IS ENTERTAINMENT.

Besides, Kate would TOTALLY kick Taylor’s butt.
(Battle to the Dress)