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While I would still like to know why I have followers, and I’m still curious as to what they think about my posts, I am still here.

Although it’s been a while since I made a post, I have been trying to think of what to post. I know, since my blog is based on words, I should include some of my own words, fiction-wise. Perhaps share some of my favorite passages from the stuff I’ve written, or write new things specifically for the blog.

I have also thought about book reviews. I’ve seen many here, and have considered doing reviews of my favorite books. I’m not someone who reads a lot of classics, or epic tales, or even much from the best seller list. I read whatever I fancy, and that includes anything from Stephen King (he is his own genre) to young adult. I have read the Twilight Saga, the Hunger Games, and the Harry Potter series, in that order, but not in order of my favorites. A post for another day, perhaps.

I am also contemplating doing “interviews” with some of my favorite writers. Now, these would by no means be “famous” writers, but they would be those that I know who I’d like to share with you. Also, keep in mind that I have a very special definition of a writer. The term “aspiring writer” frustrates me, if you couldn’t tell from my last post.

If you care to comment, please feel free to share with me what you’d like to see or read from me. Anything at all. Heck, write out long and thought-provoking GIBBERISH. It might make me laugh, and illicit a response.

And I do love a good laugh.