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20140322-223331.jpgIn Which January Jones and Beyoncé Go Head to Head (Original Yahoo! article)

When fashion is in the news, I make it interesting!

In this episode, Mad Men actress January Jones goes head to head against the Queen B herself, Beyoncé (I’m loving the fact that my iPad knows to automatically autocorrect her name, accent mark and all), in an epic battle to the dress!

The ladies are decked out in an affordable (by actress/artist standards) black and white stripped number! January uses her black open toed heels as projectiles but Beyoncé tosses her black pointed toed pumps in a swift motion, deflecting the attack. Beyoncé returns by slinging microphone style nunchucks in a menacing manner, changing January with fierce determination.

However, January uses the paparazzi flashbulbs to her advantage, and parts her red painted lips in a devious wide mouth grin, and her teeth, made to look all the whiter, reflect the flash bulb glare and distract the pop star.

Bey Bey drops the mike, to shield her eyes from the pearly white glare, just as J.J. advances.

Just in time , Beyoncé recovers, trips her opponent, and the both end up down for the count! As the ladies lay brawling on the floor, time runs out and the ref calls the game.

Guest commentator Lloyd Boston, a TV host and style expert, crowns the winner as January Jones, “by a hair!” Turns out stripes are not a curvy girls’s best friend, which is where Beyoncé gets the points. January’s slender frame gave her the advantage in this Battle to the Dress!

An Honorable Mention, however, goes to Beyoncé for the “curvy” figure. While Jones is no bones (I’ve seen skinner) the pop star as them where it counts!

Shout Out to curvy girls!

Tune in next time for BATTLE TO THE DRESS!!

**credit to Yahoo! for the article
** I have no affinity for or issues with either lady!
**just for laughs also all in good fun
** I claim nor pretend no knowledge of value for fashion, acting skills, musical talent. I do however proudly proclaim my love of laughter and all around poking fun at anything entertainment. Because laugh.