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So, after a long day (and an even longer period of not posting) I am actually working on my book/story/novel/really long piece of fiction. And let’s just say, it’s not the fun part of “working on it”.

I am in the editing stage of “Darkness”, my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s really more of the aesthetic stage, where I perfect the layout, page numbering, and stuff like that. Not the most fun part of the journey, to say the least. There are about 32 chapters to go through, and basically what I’m doing right now is the same thing repeated for all 32 chapters. Oh the glories of self-publishing!

Of course, there are self-publishers out there who can actually afford to pay for such services, and pre-pregnancy I had every intention of paying for a cover. I also had every intention to have this whole thing done by May. I laugh in the face of deadlines. Mostly those sad “fade to crying” laughs that just sound pitiful in the end.

The thing is, I know Perfectionist-Me will just have to keep going back and trying to make everything just right, and she will never be happy! So, I’m hoping I can at least get this done before the next National Novel Writing Month rolls around!

Wish me luck!