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I keep meaning to make my triumphant blogging return, but sadly, I just… Don’t.

I’m going to do what has become a thing for me, now. I’ll blame it on pregnancy. You see, I am constantly tired. Sometimes I wake up tired. And then I go to work all day, and MORE TIRED.

Coming home and blogging is not something that sounds thrilling to me, so, I indirectly blame pregnancy!

But what would I blog about anywho? I’ve not worked on “Darkness” I’m weeks, so no news there. Although I have uploaded a trial copy to CreateSpace, and OH MY WORD no errors!

I still plan on one more run through, and I need to add the “about the author” at the end. Probably going to skip any table of contents, if it doesn’t throw off the ever so complicated layout.

The cover is still the most frustrating part. But I do have a friend who I’m thinking of asking to draw or sketch an image for the cover. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll try it. We shall see.

Also, I was watching my 12 yr old nephew play some video games this weekend and (sadly) I came up with two “inklings”. “Inklings” are what I call teeny tiny blips of ideas.

I say “sadly” because I promised myself that nothing else gets written until “Darkness” has been published! But I do plan on jotting them down. Perhaps I’ll make them into blog stories!