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It’s not a secret, I guess. Not really. But it’s my special little something.

As many of you may know, I found out in April that I’m pregnant. I’ve since learned that we will be welcoming a tiny baby girl into the world around December 16!

This is a very important and blessed piece of news, since not yet two years ago I feared I might never be a mother. It was a difficult fear-filled time for me, since motherhood has always been something I’ve dreamed of. So our little miracle is a very special thing, indeed.

In order to show our little girl, who I’ll call S here, that I love her, was to begin something extra special for her.

I’ve started a journal, just for her. When little miss S is not so little, she’ll have this special piece of me, a journal filled with all the love and stories and memories I want her to have and hear and hold.

Just one entry in, and I already feel closer to her. Not to mention the many kicks and punches she’s dealt me in the last twenty-four hours. Seriously, she might be in karate classes when she’s older. What I mean is, she could be TEACHING them!

I absolutely cannot wait for all the sleep I’ll not be getting (not getting much now), all the stink diapers I’ll change (not as bad as colostomy bags, ever), and all the money I’ll never get to spend on me again (I spend $50 tonight, on other people). I’m ready. So very gleefully, half-asleep ready.

Seriously though. It’s like 4:30am here. I’m beat. But I sleep better when I’m completely exhausted, as if I weren’t already!

Thanks for Reading!