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Did you miss me? I missed you, yes I did!


While the idea of starting another story so very similar to my most popular piece, “Black Friday: A Zombie Story” seems a little redundant, the idea came to me at work, of course, and it hasn’t left my mind. Especially since I announced it to the world (my Facebook friends, i.e. the bulk of my fan-base). Everyone there seems to be very excited about it! And that makes me excited! Mostly because the reason I had fun writing the first one, was because of those who read it, and followed along on a weekly basis. They are the reason I had so much fun, and the reason why I want to write another.

So, hopefully beginning November 1st or thereabouts, I plan on posting a new page, weekly. They will be posted here, without fail (if I’ve gotten that week’s story page written). But I plan on making it difficult for those who chose to read it on Facebook.

With each new page, I will “require” “likes” in order to proceed on Facebook! I’m an evil genius I know. I use the term “genius” loosely, of course. The the required number of “likes” is reached, I will post the new page as a note on my author page “Crash Landing”. If the number isn’t reached, they’ll have to complete the complicated task of CLICKING A LINK TO MY BLOG. So difficult, I know. 😀

So, readers, be prepared! On or around Nov. 1st, the tale begins!

More info to come!