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I make it an unhealthy habit to go on Amazon and check out my books. Usually the first one that I go for is “Black Friday: A Zombie Story”. Amazon tends to adjust the pricing of the paperback (not Kindle, though) as they see fit, and I’m fine with that. I don’t sell many copies, and what I do sale, I make, like, less than a dollar in royalties per copy.

But this time around I happened to notice that there were some people trying to sale used copes.

This does not bother me, not in the slightest. If my book can get around to people, and they enjoy it, fine. That’s the point, right?

But the fact is, there are three sellers “attempting” to sale the book USED VERSIONS OF THE BOOK for MORE than what Amazon is. Not only that, but at minimum, a dollar and more than what I originally had it set as!



How in the world do they think they can make any kind of money off of this?! I’m surprised to this very day that I’ve sold, like, eleven copies in two years. The fact that someone is trying to sell a USED copy of a book WITH OBVIOUS PROBLEMS for $1-$2 more than Amazon, I am shocked… just… shocked.

To the sellers… you’re stuck with it. Might as well read it!