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While this is no excuse for my lack of blogging, and millions of people do it every day, I still, even three weeks later, am in awe of my feat of amazingness.

As I write this, the tiny human which I hath made lie (lay?) in my arms–well, on my arm–sleeping. She absolutely refuses to sleep in the bassinet, and I absolutely refuse to put her in bed with me. Large mom and dad+tiny human=tiny pancake shaped human. Thus ending my adventure in parenting.

While tiny person slept earlier (I refused to do so) I pulled out a notebook and pen, something I hadn’t done in quite some time. This activity reminded me of tasks I’d started but never completed. Mostly “Black Friday” related. I want to finish posting “Black Friday: A Zombie Story” and finish (or at least attempt to work on “Black Friday: A Ghost Story”.

I have about two weeks left of my leave. I will attempt to not only do the above listed things, but get back in the blogging rhythm. All while caring for my night owl of a new born.

At least she sleeps during the day.