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While people the world over are making New Years Resolutions to lose weight or not spend so much time online or spend more time with loved ones, I’m sticking with my resolution from a decade ago. To not make a resolution.

Why make a resolution that you’ll most likely fall short on, or forget entirely? Instead, I skip the practice all together.

I had the baby on December 12th. Months before she popped out of my puffy body, I told myself I’d lose the baby weight. I’d lost a good amount of weight before I’d gotten knocked up, due to a medical condition that was exacerbated by my weight. When I got in the baby way, I’d been at my lowest weight in many years, and I was proud.

While I knew I’d gain weight during pregnancy (though it didn’t start until about four months along), I knew if do what I had to to lose it again.

So that resolution idea was made a long time before the new year.

And why make any other? There are two many things I want to change, to do different, to do more of, to choose a single one. I’ll just do what I can to achieve (or attempt to achieve) all these goals.

I just suck at it.

Happy New Year!