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Hello, my name is crystal and I’m an addict. I am addicted to gadgets.

Well, more specifically, stuff. New stuff, stuff I can play with, fiddle with. For example, the keyboard I just bought for my iPad.

i’d been wanting one for some time. I use my iPad Mini for just about everything I can, which is why my actual Toshiba laptop gets little to no use now. That’s also cause my office is cold. But I wanted the keyboard so I could work on writing without traveling into my office to use the old ‘shiba. Also there’s lots of stuff in there that distracts me.

it’s gonna take some getting used to, the keyboard is tiny compared to an actual people sized one (more like a hobbit sized versus elf sized). but I am using it now, and slowly getting the hang of it. I plan on doing a lot more blogging and writing. Hopefully!