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In an effort to make more posts, and posts not solely about my adventures and misadventures in motherhood, I’ve come to you today to talk about books.

Reading is my all-time favorite thing. Ever. Who doesn’t love reading?! He who doesn’t love a good book is either mentally compromised or just plain boring. There’s nothing like the escape you get from reading a good book.

I am currently reading “Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz. Full disclosure: I didn’t want to read it until I saw the movie. And while the movie was fairly enjoyable, the book, as in most cases, is much better, and I’m only halfway through (by most cases I mean I have one instance where I preferred the movie to the book, more on that later).

What it’s about: the main character, Odd Thomas (excellent name, by the way, Mr. Koontz) can see dead people. Also these things called bodachs, basically lovers of disaster and misfortune. In this book, Odd (Oddie to his soul mate, Stormy) must figure out why the bodachs have decided to follow a new-to-town citizen, who gives Odd a bad vibe.

Why I love it so far: the book is written in first person, from Odd’s point of view, and I love Odd as a character. The voice Koontz has given him, his attitude, even his denial of notoriety and his unabashed and pure love for Stormy Llewyn. Odd is a simple man with simple wants and needs, and the only bug ambition he has is his determination to solve the mystery and protect lives, and marrying his true love.

I’m only about halfway through book one, but I know I’ll be reading the rest of the Odd Thomas novels.