After about six weeks away from my retail position, which I’ve had for nearly six years now, returning postpartum was bittersweet.

While savings hadn’t quite dwindled, I was glad to be making money again, though most would be going to paying off hospital bills. It was also good to start catching up with work friends.

But leaving tiny human at home, despite knowing my mom would take good care of her, was saddening. If I could have stayed home on a more permanent basis, I would have.

In six weeks I’d forgotten many things about working. Namely walking out to my car in the cold dark on sore legs and feet, and the stiffness and aches that came within hours. I’d been spoiled by pain free days and nights.

This morning I woke up with stiff and sore legs, ankles, and feet. Not pleasant.

Though my first day back was a good one, coming home in a good mood to see my baby after eight hours away was lovely. Walking in the house on sore limbs and waking with even more painful limbs was not fun.

But a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.