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“Millions of GMO Insects Could Be Released in Florida Keys” – via Yahoo!

Back in July 2014, I read an article about a Russian spacecraft carrying multiple live biological experiments that was not responding to ground control.

I imagined the flies and geckos and silkworms being cooked by lethal space radiation, melding together to form sentient nightmare monsters, gaining control of the unresponsive Russian satellite, and crash landing it somewhere on earth, and attempting to take control of the planet.

I have a very active imagination.

The latest “real news that could actually be a bad b-movie” is the possible release of millions of genetically modified insects meant to help eradicate the spread of the painful diseases dengue and chikungunya.

While the FDA still has to thoroughly review the research before it’ll even consider the release of the bugs on a small remote area of the Florida keys, it still sounds like a really bad idea.

Especially if script writer with very little marbles left in his brain pan decided to get a hold of this article.

Or, you know, me.

Imagine, if you will, a small, humid town in Florida. Situated in an area perfect for those who like to be away from the world. A group of scientists with the best intentions-or not-feel that their experiment could help many, decide to go against the FDA ruling, and release their mutant bugs anyway.

Something goes terribly wrong, and people are getting bitten by the bugged out bugs, and overtime the victims mutate into The Fly-esq creatures.

Imagine the possibilities. Actually, I think Syfy would pay good money for this one.