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There are numerous things I dislike about working retail. But there are a lot of things I LOVE. 

Case in point: Today a customer came up too me, I’m assuming to ask about some makeup. She started with, “There’s this blush I got here once, I think it’s cover girl, that’s a mousse type…”

Now, before she can even finish the though, I KNOW we don’t have it. Like. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. I start to tell her so, and she interrupts me. She says, “I know you have it, it’s kind of expensive…”

First I think, “Not if its CoverGirl.” And the only thing even similar that I can think of it being, that we have in stock is the E. L. F. brand. And it’s at most $3. But she insists its CoverGirl, and I show her the only CG blush we have is powder. 

So, instead of believing me, she walks away muttering to herself, or perhaps she was on the phone, “I know they have it, I just got it here the other day.”

The thing is, I know my department. Like, inside and out. I can find something better in my department than I can in my own house. 

Ask me if we carry a perm kit. Yes, we do. It doesn’t have the rollers with it, it’s located in the shampoo isle, second shelf from the bottom in the same section as the Aussie products. 

Dry Shampoo? Yep! Web have numerous brands in now! suave, tressemee, not your mothers, Got to Be, Pantene, Herbal essences, and Garier Frutisse (I usually forget about that one. It’s new). 

I KNOW my department. 

But I just love it when a customer tried to tell me we carry something when I KNOW we, in fact, do not. 

Now, I will admit that only just now, did I remember that once, more than three months ago, we carried Maybe kilns “Dreame Bouncy Blush”. 

image from Walmart.com

The Maybelline section has since been reset and that particular item is one we’ve not carried in almost three months. I know because it was there before my child was born, and gone after. 

and even longer ago, we carried (or randomly got in) 

image from buymebeauty.com

“Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush”. I only remember one or two of the item ever being in the store and we couldn’t get rid of them!

I just love knowing I’m right!