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“Help Needed”

It’s the middle of the night, and in the darkness of the empty room the rattling echoed against the walls. Streetlight shown in through the window in the front door, and the shadow of a figure stretched across the walls. The figure continued to work at the door in the dark, until finally it succeeded in opening the locked door.

The figure entered the empty space, the shop closed up for the night, and it banged it’s toes and bumped into counters and furniture as it went. Finally, nosily, making it’s way to the backroom, it stopped.

“What was that?!” A voice said sleepily. “Oh,” it whispered, keeping quiet so as to not wake the others, “It’s you!” The voice paused, “Wait, it’s awful late, what are you doing here?”

As the figure in the dark inched ominously closer, the voice grew louder in fear. “What—what are you doing? No, stop—“ the voice was cut off as the figure in the dark muffled it into silence.

Continued in “Episode Two: Lost and Found