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“Home Sweet Home”

After giving his statement to the officers at the scene of Mrs. Lopart’s violent death, Manny returned to the shop. He and the tools were all tired and weary of the excitement of the day. The worry over dear Rusty, and the tragic loss of Mrs. Lopart was too much sadness for one day. 

While the tools rested in their tool box on the counter, Manny sat in a chair, thinking. Fixit was nearby, keeping Manny company, as a good robot dog should. The stillness and silence of the shop was broken however, when a knock came to the locked door. Manny stood, seeing Detective Carlson there, and went to let him in.

“Hola, detective,” Manny greeted solemnly. “What can we do for you?”

“I have some news for you Manny.” The detective said. “About Rusty.”

The tools, Manny, and even Fixit all perked up at the sound of the monkey wrench’s name. Worry washed over Manny’s face. 

“Rusty is awake. Though shaken, it seems like he should be fine.” The detective said.

“Muchas Gracias detective! Thank you!” Manny shook the man’s hand happily. 

“You’re welcome,” he replied. “Although, I’m sad to say, he doesn’t remember anything of what happened. The blood found on him and the cloth he was wrapped in did come back as from a female, with no matching DNA on file.”

“I’m sure you’ve already thought to compare it to Mrs. Lopart.” Manny suggested.

“Yes, and the lab is working on that now. I have a sinking suspicion that it will be a match.” All fell silent, thinking of the tragedy. After a moment, Detective Carlson continued. “I also have some information on the hair you found this morning.”

“And?” Manny asked.

“Well, first I need to ask, do you have any pets?”

“No, well, none with hair anyway,” Manny gestured to a very enthusiastic mechanical creation, Fixit, who spun in circles at the thought of attention. “Fixit is the only pet we have.”

“I see. The hair you found this morning, Manny.” Carlson paused. “It isn’t human. It’s cat hair.”

Manny doesn’t speak. He simply stands in silence as he contemplates the news.

“Well, that’s all the news I have for now. I will  be sure to keep you and the tools informed of any new developments.” The detective shook Manny’s hand and left.

The tools watched anxiously as Manny paced back and forth. Fixit followed his path obediently. 

“Are you okay, Manny?” Stretch asked.

“Yeah, whatcha thinking about, Manny?” Pat asked.

“I’m thinking I know who’s doing such horrible things. I would have never imagined.” Manny said, still pacing.

“Wha—what? But who?” Dusty asked.

“And, shouldn’t you have said something to the detective?” Pat asked.

“You see, tools. I can think of only one white long- haired cat in Sheetrock Hills.”

The tools looked at each other as the truth dawned on them.

Manny rushed to the phone, and called Kelly at her hardware store. He allowed it to ring repeatedly before he finally hung up. “Oh no,” he said, replacing the receiver. “She went to Mr. Lopart’s Candy Store to tell him about Mrs. Lopart.”

To Be Continued…