I am sure all of my followers are still checking in daily, hoping for this post. So sorry for the wait. But, here it is. 

Since finishing my last project, I’ve decided to complete one that I stopped midway through. The posting of pages of “Black Friday: A Zombie Story” has been stopped in its tracks since February. Having a tiny human makes pretty much anything else difficult. And it’s only since she’s been sleeping in her crib instead of the guest bed with me that I was able to write anything, much less a seven “episode” Twisted Tale called “Handy Manny: Call Manny for Murder“. 

During and since the writing and posting of HM:CMFM I’ve been getting ideas galore. But I just recently decided to complete “BF” before doing or attempting anything else. A bit of an “unfinished business” kind of thing. 

So, starting next Thursday, “Throwback Thursday” or as I like to think of it “Black Friday on Thursday” (ironically) will resume. I also learned a lesson during my Twisted Tales feature. I’ll be updating and adding links to previous and following posts/pages to the older ones. So, you fine folks can start from the beginning. 

I’m sure all of this fantasmical news is going to skyrocket my stats, but I don’t do it for stats, obviously! I do it to spread joy and fiction to the world. Or just, like, five people. 

By the time I’ve concluded the posts, I’ll hopefully be at the point where everything in the BF document has been reviewed and mistakes corrected. My initial plan was to edit as I posted, so I could republish with a perfectly edited and updated document. 

The editing factor is one of the many reasons why it took me so long in the first place. 

So, here’s hoping we get back in a rhythm!