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Black Friday: A Zombie Story” is, of everything I’ve ever written, my favorite thing. It makes me laugh, it makes me sad. There’s suspense, there’s action. There are people from my life in it, and it reflects aspects of my life. It was also quite popular with my coworkers. 

I love it, to say the least. 

But just about the only thing I didn’t like about it was the way I chose to end it. Technically there were three endings. The original, the one I went with, and the alternate. 

The original is lost forever to the alternate domination known as “deletopia”. I don’t even remember it. The one that I put at the end as the final chapter was idiotic, and the alternate was me trying to feel better about it. 

The reality is that I didn’t want to end it. I enjoyed almost every single moment of writing it, I enjoyed even more the attention–however limited–it received. I have actually sold a few copies in Amazon, a few of which I cannot account for from friends. But I had to end it, and end it I did. 

I just ain’t happy. 

So, with the current republishing process I’m taking BF:AZS through, I planned on rewriting the ending to better reflect the story, the changes (though none to plot) and the possible future. 

But I’m having an insanely difficult time doing it. AGAIN. 

I have had so many ideas for the ending, but when I sit down to write it, I draw a blank. It also doesn’t help that I’m afraid my current fans–those who read the original ending–won’t like it. 

But, in order for me to get back at writing completion of this project is important. I have a schedule to keep (I thought it’d help me get done, but I’d forgotten about the ending). I’ve fallen behind twice. 

So, hopefully by or before actual “Black Friday 2015” I’ll have a new version of “Black Friday: A Zombie Story” available. 

And maybe there’ll be a part two 😉