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In which I explain my reasoning for (once again) deactivating my personal Facebook page

I have realized that i am hopelessly addicted to social media. How do I know? I’m pretty sure “thinking in posts” is a sign. 

I go about my daily routine, and suddenly catch myself thinking about how I would phrase something to post it to Facebook. I do this constantly. It’s been 9.5 hours since I deactivated and I am still going strong. 

But that’s not my only reason. I also tend to vent on Facebook a lot. And most of said venting is about work. And that is bad. I have one too many work friends there, and each one is a link to someone I don’t have–including management. 

There’s also a whole lot of drama, a ton of ridiculous posts–I hate the “share if you love Jesus” ones the most. Don’t get me started. 

There are also people on my friends list who either ignore me in person, or I ignore them. Yes, deleting them would be much simpler. 

But most of all, I talk too much. I let my thumbs fly, as it were, with no filter and no second thoughts. So, I decided that it would be better off for me and everyone on Facebook if I bowed out for a while. I’ll still have my “Crash Landing” page. But that’s it. 

I’m embarrassed to admit, though, that I already have regrets. 

First, I’ve decided to apply for a job in the school system, and I needed to confirm some info from a reference. 

Second, my infant isn’t feeling well, and I usually ask for advice there. 

There’s also the fact that I message her daycare when I need to let them know if she’s not going to be coming, or if I have a question. And that bugs me. 

We will have to wait and see how long I make it.