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Impotent rage: basically extreme anger that you can do nothing with. 

I’m feeling it now, Mr. Crabs. 

My kid is sick. I don’t know what’s wrong. She’s had a fever off and on all night. I don’t know how high, I just know that she goes from burning up to cool. And she will not let me put her down. I hope to god she’s teething. 

I need to take her to the doctor. I need to make sure it’s nothing major. 

But if I call in with another unexcused absence, I’ll get “coached”. If I get coached I will likely be fired. 

Last time I called in, I’d been puking all morning. The time before that my child had a virus. I could not take her to daycare. E These were BOTH unexcused. 

I don’t love my job. Once in a while I like it. I might even enjoy some days. More often than not, especially lately, I loathe my job. But I cannot afford to quit without another on the line, and I sure as heck do not want fired. 

So you see my conundrum. 

I was told, LAST TIME I got a “discussion” for unexcused absences, “let us know before hand if you need to miss,  and we will do our best to help you out.” HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?! Anticipate the day before? “Hey, I’m 50% sure my kid will need to see a doctor tomorrow, can I randomly take a day off without pay, just in case?”

And normally I would express my frustrations with the help of a Facebook post. But I deactivated that yesterday. So here I am dear blog followers. 

And I’m holding a finally sleeping infant, so screaming is not an option.