I have debated, many times, whether or not I should deactivate my Facebook.

On the one hand, there are many reasons to do it. Communicating with friends, keeping up-to-date with my child’s day care, easier messaging with people I need to talk too. 

On the other, I don’t want to look like I’ve given in, couldn’t handle life without it, or look weak. Yes. I am worried about looking like I wimped out. 

There’s also the possibility that I could find the right teacher to “mentor” me in getting back in the game. I really want to get back in the game. I miss teaching and hate retail. 

But I also know that, should I activate, I’d most likely end up returning to my old ways pelf using it as an outlet to vent. 

While it’s good to release your feelings (or hatred, whatever), doing so in a social fashion isn’t the best way–especially when you have so many co-workers on Facebook, and those co-workers have management, and most of your raging, I mean venting is work related. 

Yes, this shares to my “professional” writing Facebook page. Yes, a handful of those friends have liked said page. 

But no one ever reads these. 

I’ll just tell myself the same thing I’ve been telling myself for the last two and a half weeks: “give it another week”.