I’ve learned one or two things since I deactivated my Facebook.

  1. If it’s not easy, it’s not happening – there are a handful of people who voluntarily chose to contact me first. I gave my cell number to a handful, a few already had it. I gave a list of contact information out before I deactivated. Only a few people have contacted me willingly, before I did them. 
  2. People only want one thing – there have been a small number of people who only want me to reactivate because they miss seeing pictures of my child. Not because they miss talking to me. 
  3. Because I can’t message, my contact info doesn’t exist – at least one person “forgot” they could text/iMessage with me. 
  4. It takes time – it’s been three weeks (?) and I’m finally getting the “muscle memory” out of my system. 
  5. I DO NOT MISS IT – yes, I liked ease of access to friends and family. But I don’t miss any of it. 
  6. With more likes comes more responsibility – when I deactivated I did so knowing that I could still access my CrashdLanding Facebook page. I’ve gotten more likes in the time since the big D than the six months before. All because I was looking at writing activities and ignoring anything personal. 
  7. This might last – I will freely admit that the last week or so I have considered returning. Only so I could contact someone, get connections for teaching, or access my child’s daycare’s page. But other than those things, I see no vital reason for going back. 

Thanks for reading