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 Do you ever wish you could go back in time and record conversations? 

I had one today that I’d like to have a copy of so I could go back and replay it over and over and analyze again and again. 

Sounds healthy, right? No? Welcome to my world.  

For a moment the conversation in question eases some of my stress/burden/frustrations. 

But then my brain happened. 

It happened hours ago and I still cannot stop myself from over thinking its contents and reinterpreting its meaning. 


I’ve realized many things lately. It’s hard (for me) to tell who my real friends are, who really cares about me. 

I’ve realized that if you want to maintain contact with someone, don’t give them your number, ask for theirs. If they don’t give it or volunteer it, staying in contact with you probably didn’t mean much anyway. 

Sometimes your (my) absence really isn’t noticed. 

There were a few people who cared only about seeing pictures of my kid. 

Sometimes number of friends on social media matters more than quality. How many friends do you have on Facebook? What percentage of them do you actually talk to?

I didn’t miss Facebook. And now that I’m back, I miss not having it.