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On my Facebook page I posted this image  

And asked my followers to pick one for me to write!  My goal is to write  all of them.

Here is the first one: 

#2 Write a myth to explain why leaves change color 

Moths, of which there were three, fluttered in from somewhere on the wind and light. Green, red, and yellow were they. Dancing between trees and leaves they began to argue. 

“Why should the leaves be green?” Yellow asked. 

“Don’t you like green,” green moth asked. 

“Why, of course, but I like yellow, too.” Yellow said. 

“And I like red, as well!” Said Red moth. 

Red fluttered to the tippy top of a tree and sat on its topmost leaf. “Red is such a lovely shade.”

The leaf, and soon every leaf on the tree, began to turn. 

Red fluttered off to watch the change, but yellow decided to interrupt. She sat on the very same leaf, and they all three watched as green turned red and red turned yellow!

Red and Yellow loved the change so much they made their way across the land to each tree. 

Green, disappointed, flew ahead of them, to the furthest trees, prickly ones with needles instead of leaves, and blocked their path when they came upon him. 

“Leave some green for me!” He called out.

Before Yellow and Red could protest, they turned back the way they came toward a wind that blew their way.

“Look what you’ve done!” Whispered the wind. 

They looked at the trees they’d left in their wake, and watched in horror as the yellow changed to a dull gray brown, and the leaves fell away from the branches. “The trees are dying!” Whispering Wind said. “Someone long before you had already painted this picture, before you decided to change the colors. And now the picture is ruined!”

“Oh no!” The moths said, “what have we done!”

“Alas I can fix it, but it will take time!” Whispering Wind said. “I’ll cool the trees into a slumber, so they can heal from the blight. Only one tree will be exempt, the Evergreen,” the wind whispered, and the needles of the tree still green shook. “But you three must be punished. For it wasn’t up to you to decide what colors were painted.”

“How will you punish us,” they asked. 

“You must earn your colors, moths. You must sleep yourselves into them.” 

And so the Whispering Wind chilled all the forest and it’s trees, save for the Evergreen, and he chilled the moths into cocoons where they’d sleep to earn their colors. When the Whispering Wind blew warm air and the sun shined, the trees slowly woke, regrowing leaves of green, once again. 

Thanks for reading.