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My family lost yet another good man. This time there was no clue, no sign. Yet more proof death comes and takes as he pleases with no regard for the living. 

I wrote the following on a whim, and it’s one of those things that I feel good about, which I read to myself over and over again. 

Love one another. There’s not time enough for hate. 

Life is short. Don’t fret. Don’t fuss. Don’t fight. Don’t hate. Love each other. Don’t judge. Accept. Appreciate. Learn. Laugh. Cry. Tell the truth, be honest. Enjoy yourself, enjoy each other. Smile. Live. Live while you can and while you have the chance. Not one person on this planet can know how long they’ve got, until it’s too late. Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying as much as possible. Don’t leave this world with regrets. And don’t give up on something that means the most to you. 

Know that you are loved and let those you love know you love them too! Don’t leave it as a question mark in the story of your life. Don’t leave anyone wondering. 

If you are on my friends list, know that I appreciate and love you. I try to love and accept all, no matter your station, wealth, position, religion, sexuality, gender, or political beliefs. You matter to me, you mean a lot to me and my world would alter if you were no longer in it. 

There are too many factors that can change our course in the path of life. Make sure that if your path is altered, your course changed, should you look back and see you’ve lost your way, you soldier on and make your way out. 

We have each other. That’s all we have. Be good to one another, and this life will be well.