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I am posting this at the risk of having massive amounts of hate spewed violently in my direction. The following statements are my opinions. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how those opinions make others feel. I hope my readers will bestow upon me that same respect. 

There’s currently an image going around comparing the reactions to the killing of a lion in a game hunt and the death of a gorilla with regards to the safety of a child to abortion. 

I’m going to state now that neither do I condone nor condem abortion or those who choose abortion. Neither do I try to form to firm an opinion on the deaths of the animals mentioned above. 

I can understand why some women and/or couples would choose abortion. Perhaps they know they cannot properly care for a child, perhaps their health of the child’s survival would be at risk. I believe that such a choice should not be made lightly. I believe that because you were reckless, stupid, and irresponsible, you should be able to just shrug it off as an “oopsie” then have it “taken care of”. And I think if one has multiple abortions and is still dumb enough to be so careless you should be sterilized. Because the chance that someone could pass on such idiocy is too much of a risk to the world. 

But there are other options. Carry the child to term, give the child up for adoption. As a woman who thought she’d never have a child, knowing someone could just “get rid of” one hurts my soul. There are thousands of women who cannot reproduce on their own who would trade you if they could.  

But still too, are facts. The number of children murdered, abused, molested by family, the children who are neglected, mistreated, ignored, homeless. Even the number of children without families. These numbers are higher than the “3,000 abortions a year.”

Most people’s reasoning for being against abortion are religious. “God won’t like it if you abort this baby.”

My response: what about the miscarriages? The stillborns? The babies born but lost before their lives could be lived? I know parents who’ve lost babies only a few years old. I know women who long to be mothers who’ve had multiple miscarriages. I’ve heard of babies born only to live mere moments before dying in the arms of those who waited for them. Who is to be blamed? Did God, in His almighty glory and mysterious reasoning decide this? God has a plan, they say. I’d like to know what that is. 

What if, and bear with me and my outrageous blasphemous ways, what if abortion is his plan? I’ve always been of the mind, “If God didn’t want it to happen, why would he let it?” Why would he let moms and dads enjoy and prepare for a coming baby then take it all away? Why wouldn’t he stop abortions if he didn’t want them to happen?

But then I can imagine judgment day, someone who was careless and stupid and practiced unsafe sex, only to shirt and say, “I’ll just get an abortion” only to look the child they “got rid of” in the face, and be judged. 

I don’t like abortion. I don’t like the idea of abortion. I’d never have one personally. It makes me sad to think that babies that could have gone to loving willing waiting homes were lost. 

But I also think that I don’t have a right to tell someone what to do with their body (except the whole practice safe sex thing. That’s important). I won’t judge an individual if they’ve had an abortion (it’s not my place). Unless it’s multiple abortions because you’re an idiot. Sorry. 

The fact is, for me, I don’t practice any religion, because I frankly don’t understand it. I don’t participate in active debate on any one topic because most of the time I have no idea what anyone’s talking about. I’m not political in any sense of the word because I’m too lazy to know what any one party wants out of the deal. Because of all of this I refrain usually from stating my opinion. I’m pretty much to lazy and don’t care enough to be informed. 

I also think that things are going to happen without my help, so I might as well let it screw itself over. 

I hate abortion. But I’m not going to tell you you can’t. After all, I’m not your God, your mom, or your supervisor.