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First of, I’d like to thank the following people for helping out by choosing the name of the paper! 

Nikita, Jennifer, Amanda, Brittney, Selena, Mary, Tonya, Bethany, and Tommy. 

With out you lovely people this would have been a lot less interesting for me! Thank you! 

Now, for the results. On July 12th, I asked my Facebook followers for helping choosing the name of the Black Pines newspaper! 

I asked participants to comment with their favorite or suggest a new one. The top choices were “Daily” (4) & “Observer” (4) with each of the rest, including other suggestions at one each. Except “Pioneer”. It’s okay, it was my least favorite. 

So, since there was a tie, the next evening I put forth Round Two!  

Round Two

With a 3-2 win, we have a winner! 
Again, thanks to everyone who participated!