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I’m gonna need some citizens of Black Pines! Help populate our beautiful mountain town.

When I pick character names, it takes me forever. Sometimes I even check meaning and compare to the kind of personality I want from my character. I delve a little too deep.

Help me out! Names names, lots of names. Male or female, old names, new names. FICTIONAL NAMES.

Please don’t submit names of famous people or public figures, I won’t use them. No Kardashians either 😉 And nothing you’d have a problem with me using.

Want a cameo in a Black Pines story! Send me a message! I’ll try and make a place for you!

These names may or may not be used. I will make a note of all submissions, and of those who submitted them!

Please message me Here (Facebook) or Here (blog).

As always, thanks for reading.