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Dear ‘Balt,

Thank you, faithful four wheeled  friend. You and your magnificent dented fender, cracked bumper, and rusty gashed side have carried me long and far. 

Despite me cutting a little too close to that guardrail that one time, our ditch effort on an icy road in February, and our many miles over 150,000, we have stayed together. All thanks to your still running still moving parts. 

Of all the things that have broken, messed up, gone missing, or gotten lost, you’ve stayed, ran that glory mile, continued going as long as I’ve needed, hopefully as long as I will need. 

We met the day I met Hubby. When he brought me out to you to give me gifts–for me and mom. He let me drive you when we hadn’t been together long, and I skinned your fender on a guardrail in a turn I misjudged around Jenny Wiley. 

Remember the time, not long after I’d finally gotten my license, when that deer decided it was safe? Stupid deer, dented and scraped your passenger side door, and broke the mirror! Deer are dumb. 

And most recently, that slick patch of road, when I left work early because of snow. We did decent. Luckily we just hit the ditch. I promise I’ll do more to fix your bumper, besides gorilla tape. And I’ll at least glue your missing piece back. I promise. You kept me alive that day, I’m sure other cars may not have faired so well. 

So thank you, Chevy Cobalt, my black beauty (even if you need a bath), old faithful, still going, even with a flapping fender and a little bit of carkinson’s (shaking car syndrome). If you keep me going, I’ll keep you going as long as I can, because I can’t afford not too. 

Thanks for reading