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On Friday October 7th, I ventured out of the sight of my toddler, by myself, to a place where I wasn’t working. The feeling was remarkable, truly. I so rarely have the opportunity to steal away and make time for myself, and this was one of those rare chances.

My destination: the May Lodge, Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Prestonsburg, KY

Reason: to see “The Woodsheep” perform at “Friday’s After Five” a weekly live music show held, you guessed it, every Friday.

The Woodsheep are based out of Morehead, KY where they are students at the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music. They are comprised of Andrew Preston, Austin Tackett, Melissa Caskey, and Matt Holleran. They recently released an album called “Watching Mars” and recently completed a multi-state tour. This Friday The Woodsheep where joined by Caroline Cooely from the band The TeddyBones.

Friday I arrived late, mid song, but was not deterred. The crowd was moderate, although I think it would have been larger had the local festival “Jenny Wiley Days” not been in full swing. Yes, Mrs Wiley is popular in these parts.

I was quite excited to see The Woodsheep for a few reasons. One, my last live music show was probably about three years ago. Two, I’ve been following The Woodsheep since before they were called The Woodsheep. Three: a good friend whom I had not seen in several years would be there. And finally, four: I would finally get to meet, in person, Andrew Preston.

Honestly I had no idea what I expected. Good music, yes. And considering I had been listening to their debut album “Watching Mars” on repeat for three days, I knew that was coming.

But the fact that they liked to chat with the audience, laughed a lot, and were genuinely in good spirits made the show that much more enjoyable. They are all exceptionally talented, have a unique sound, and quite frankly are fantastic performers.

The Woodsheep’s music can be described as folk or Americana. But I feel as if it really cannot be classified into any single genre, and that’s a good thing. Friday they played not only songs from their record, but individual songs they’d written. They also showcased covers of popular songs.

If I am being completely honest their spirited rendition of “Fergalicious” is my favorite version of the song. I regret not recording video to share with you all!

The final song of the evening was from their album and one of my favorites: “Live Simply”. It’s a catchy tune, with a great message and a lovely sound. I frequently have it stuck in my head. I sang along with them as they played and enjoyed every minute!

After they played, Andrew, whom I’ve known for a few years now, came off the stage and greeted me. This might not seem like much to you, but I’ve known this lovely soul only through screen and song and meeting him in person has been on my bucket list! Had the hour not been late and my toddler restless at home, I’d have stayed later, and met the whole band.

I cannot wait for my next opportunity to see The Woodsheep perform, and tap my toes to their sweet sound. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and it will be a lovely memory!

You can find out more about The Woodsheep, including tour dates, videos, and how to purchase their debut album “Watching Mars” on their website and on Facebook! Be sure to check out their  video for “Live Simply” available Tuesday October 11! I’ve not seen it yet, but I’m told it’s great!

Check these guys out, you’ll be glad you did!

As always, thanks for reading!


P. S.: Andrew, I’m still waiting on a 3X shirt 😉