image from andrew

“Fiction Me This” is a feature I run on my Facebook page where people can submit an image, and I write a short story about it. It’s a fun exercise for me, and some amusement for you! 

The leaf had always heard tales of what would come. Someday, when he’d changed colors, and the branch grew dry, the wind would come and he’d fall. But he’d always wondered what happened then. He hoped there would be an adventure.

And then the day came. His family tree had changed to lovely shades of yellow, and a bit of browning had begun. A breeze came by, and with a little wiggle, he broke from his branch and begun drifting on the wind!

Floating along on the gentle breeze, he watched as the sights blew by. He twisted and spun, watching sky and ground, ground and sky. Just when he thought he’d start to drop, the breeze picked up.

The strong gust carried him faster and further. The blue sky turned white gray with clouds, and he spun and swirled with increasing speeds. The world around him became a blur as the wind took him.

Then the rain started, and he was pelted by drops, soaking him through. He grew heavy with water as the wind gave one last burst then gave up.

He fell quickly, finally landing with a damp plop on wet pavement. He sighed with relief, as he looked into the clearing sky.

“It’s over now, I suppose,” he thought. Then he smiled. “But my, what an adventure!”

This Link is to a short story I discovered several years ago in college. I used it as a reading assignment for a class I taught on imagery. I have loved this story (and the images the children made of it) since. The one above has reminded me of it.