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I meant to do this a lot sooner, but illness, motherhood, and all manner of life postponed it. So, here we are. 

Scary Story

My goal is to write at least one scary story this month. And seeing as how it’s October, I’ve got great timing. According to Facebook, the things that scare people (my friends, mostly, not many others like my page) are: 

  • Spiders
  • Clowns
  • Ghosts
  • General “King-esq” creepy stuff

I also had a request for a vampire story. So I’m thinking a vote? A “like this picture” thing. So if you want to help choose the scary story, look for the opportunity in the next few days on the Crash Landing Facebook page. 

Bring Back the Fiction!

Come November I hope to bring back on of my previous features. Either Very Short Fiction, Fiction Me This, or If Words Could Kill. But I need help deciding. 

Fiction Me This: send me pictures and I’ll choose one (or have readers vote) and write a story about it. 

If Words Could Kill: like a picture and the “victim” will be randomly selected for their own fictional murder. 

Very Short Fiction: randomly selected person chosen to have their own story (not necessarily death). 

Good Cause

I plan to try and start a “Good Causes” feature. When you’re trying to get the word out, a signal boost is always good, no matter how small the signal. Thai tiny blog of mine doesn’t get a wide range, but given the right hashtag, we can get some attention.