I almost spent money on materials for a mason jar/burlap/pointsetta Christmas centerpiece idea the other day. I’ve had the idea for a year. But with all the projects I’ve started and never finished over the years, I’m guessing it’s good I didn’t. Here are some. 

  1. My child’s blanket: started when I found out she was gonna be a girl. She’s almost 2. 
  2. Painting for friends’ housewarming gift: told them I wanted to paint it two years ago, took forever, painted the background, like, six months ago
  3. Picture wall: bought frames to start the picture wall(s) on each side of my fireplace. Bought them about four years ago. Frames are empty in the closet
  4. UK Blanket: got the idea three years ago, started crocheting last year. Stopped. Didn’t get far
  5. Cap’s Sheild blanket: LAST CHRISTMAS
  6. Crate lining: bought fabric (on clearance) abd upholstery  tacks forever ago. Never started.