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Thanksgiving is over, so it’s officially time to start thinking about the new year. While some of us started wishing for a new year back when everyone’s favorite famous people starting kicking the proverbial bucket, and we all dreamed of a do-over of this election year, now is the time to worry about what we’re doing with 2017. 

The president-elect/businessman/umpa-lumpa/whatever is planning his first 100 days in office and half the country is still praying for that do-over of all that. I’m starting to think about my (probably won’t keep) resolutions. 

First off: doctor appointments. A few years ago, I had some trouble with Endometrial Hyperplasia with Atypia. Loads of megace, two D&Cs and one child later, I think it’d be a good idea to check that out. 

I also need to see my regular doctor. I want to get a real starting weight for a weight loss plan, and discuss other concerns. Notably frequent headaches and possible hereditary brain aneurisms. My mom has had three-currently living with her third – and I worry about my chances. 

Next is a long put off eye doctor appointment. I’ve had the same glasses for almost eight years, the coating on the frames is chipping, and though I see fine, eight years is a long time with the same frames! 

Also on the list: new work clothes. Retail doesn’t allow a lot of freedom with wardrobe, unlike what the NBC show “Superstore” would have you believe. While I’m a huge fan of that show, despite its flaws, I can’t dress like them. And the same work clothes for the past three years tend to become a bit threadbare. And being a rotund lady, things tend to, well, rub. And holes have developed in concerning places on a pair or two of pants. Not to mention the holes in my pockets. I’ve lost one too many pens, gosh darn it!

And since Christmas is still looming on the horizon, albeit not so far off, I still have a few gifts to buy, so money is a problem. Once Christmas is done for I will have less money tied up so I can afford co-pays and “sorry, we ordered this test before we knew your insurance wouldn’t cover it” or “here, just pay your deductible right now and we got this”. Wait, no, insurance company. Because if I had that kinda moolah just laying around, my work clothes wouldn’t have to be on layaway! 

Anyway, I’d also like to do more blogging in the new year. But it’ll probably end up being like it is now, blogging when I should be sleeping. While my Black Friday mayhem shift wasn’t so bad this year, I’m still tired! 

Good night, friends, and happy holidays! 

Do you have any resolutions yet?