You sucked.

  1. My father in law died in January 
  2. My brother in law died in march
  3. In April my child swallowed a dime, it became lodged in her esophagus and it had to be removed by a surgeon. 
  4. Because of deaths and finances we didn’t get a vacation. Again. 
  5. My husband faced stress and frustration dealing with his father and brother’s deaths and the aftermath. 
  6. I agreed to a position at work that promised I’d return to my old job after it was over. I didn’t get to move back. 
  7. My child fell and had to be taken to the ER for a bleeding head wound (head wounds like to scare you, she’s fine). 

Please be sure to tell 2017 as he steps into your shoes, to try and go easy on us.