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I am not a political person, though I am a registered democrat. As a 32 year old, I registered this year. I did not vote in any election. This is why I don’t feel I have a place in the discussion of the controversial new president. While I am not a Trump supporter (I wasn’t a Hillary supporter either) I do feel that it is in the best interest of this country, the very same in which I am raising my child, to at least give him a chance and hope that he does in fact do good things. 

I also firmly believe that PEACEFUL protests are a person’s right. Violence is not, nor will it ever be the answer. But, none of these things are going to make a difference. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump in your president (if you live in these United States). 

I am also not a religious person. I’ve had my own difficulties and confusion over religion and God, I have my very own set of beliefs and doubts. But I do know that God says love each other, be kind to each other. 

This hate is one of the very reasons people dislike Trump. Yet, here people are spouting hate and anger towards him. People who say they are Christians and follow the word of God and the bible and go to church. Is this what God wants? I really don’t know. Tell me!

If hate and violence are what we reduce ourselves to, what we allow ourselves to give in too, isn’t that just the same as Trump’s hate? Aren’t you the same as him?

When Dondald Trump was elected president I feared for this nation, this world, and it’s people. But it’s starting to look like we are bringing ourselves down before he can adjust his office chair to suit his preferences.