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Where I take the last song played on my iPod and explain why it’s there.

I’m trying to get back into blogging. I’m doing this, somewhat poorly, by trying to come up with daily features, giving me something anything to post.

Today’s post is “Music Monday”. The last song played on my iPod was, as you can see, P!nk’s “What About Us”.

I have long been a fan of P!nk. The first album of hers I ever bought was “Missundaztood” (I had to look at that three times to spell it as it appears on the cd art). It was also the first CD I owned with explicit content. I pretty well kept it on repeat for ages.

P!nk has an amazing voice, a voice like no one else’s. She can do with that voice literally anything she wants. If I had the power to borrow anyone’s voice, it would be hers, if only to sound amazing while singing in the shower.

When I learned that she had a new album out it was immediately on my “must buy” list. I hadn’t bought one of her albums in a while, and I needed this one, I knew that simply by listening to snippets of one or two songs.

I did however purchase “Rose Ave”, the album she put together with Dallas Green, under the name You+Me. In fact I preordered it. I highly recommend it as well. It was also on repeat, my kid liked it while I was pregnant. Serious (might have been because I sang along, and I’m TERRIBLE).

So basically, the reason “What About Us” is on my iPod is because P!nk made it and it’s amazing. Every song on that album is well done, from the title track “Beautiful Trama” (have you seen the video with Channing Tatum? No? Well, You Need To) to the one we can all agree with, “Barbies”.

I like to play “What About Us” when I’m driving alone, mostly so I can belt it out with full power, and not destroy anyone else’s ear drums.

If you haven’t heard “What About Us” (video Here) or the rest of P!nk’s “Beautiful Trauma” album, it’s available on iTunes.