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In six (five?) days, on Christmas Day, I will be doing something I’ve never done before.

I will be performing a wedding ceremony.

Yep. Wow.

What started out as a joke ( originally involving sloth and unicorn masks) and entirely my fault soon snowballed into me becoming ordained online and legit agreeing to marry my co-workers.

(I’d also like to add that they couldn’t find anyone willing to marry them on Christmas Day)

And I’m low-key freaking out.

I keep asking her if there’s something special she wants said or done, and all she’s given me is “no opportunities to object”.

I get it. She just wants to get married, legally. I completely understand. But when I do something… I overthink and over complicate to the point of making it harder than it should be.

But I really want to do a good job, and leave them with good memories of the day. Not just an exchange of rings.

So I’m trying to write out something sweet and heartfelt to say, and find the proper vows to make it beautiful.

I’m also extremely nervous about speaking in front of people I don’t know. Lol

Wish me luck!

Love you Haley and Nick!