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“Established with the first settlers, Spring Haven is a small town nestled in rolling hills. The town was named for the gentle spring that runs off the highest peak in the area, which contributes to the fertility of the of the land, making it the perfect area for farmers wanting to settle and start a new life. Every spring, daisies blossom in the fields, brightening the dusty roads between farmhouses, contributing to the quaintness the long term residents appreciate.

Some of the families that founded Spring Haven still reside in the small town, the proud legacy of the first families encourages pride in the other residents. Determined to ensure the growth and stability of the town, they do their part in bringing more to the beloved and beautiful town of Spring Haven.”

I chose Spring Haven as the town name in “What the Heart Wants” because, between it and “Daisy Hollow” the other finalist, something about it just called to me. While I knew weighing a few days of the last poll which two would come out on top, I had no idea how the winning name would be chosen. And since I hadn’t voted in any of the polls I decided I had to make the finally decision.

Thank you to everyone who voted, or participated in any way. It is appreciated and I’m grateful that you were able to bear with me for so long!

My promise to you all now is to have the next chapter up by Monday night. EVERY Monday night! From here in out, unless there’s an issue, my goal is to have a new chapter every week!

As always, thanks for reading!