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Taken by a coworkerBorrowed from google search who borrowed it from Disney, there’s a link..

It’s spring and with spring comes warm weather, people scantily dressed, and birds. Lots of birds. And when you work in a place with automatic sliding doors, birds tend to follow people inside.

A few days ago, at my workplace, there was a bird flying around. He’d been inside for well over four hours, flying back and forth. Finally he landed and a coworker pointed him out. With little hope but willing to try I gave chase.

Poor little dude was so tired that eventually I pinned him and I CAUGHT A BIRB!

I immediately ran outside with him and opened my hand. HE DIDN’T FLY OFF! Poor guy was tired and scared. I tried to set him in a shelf outside, nada.

I opened my hand up and tried to encourage him but he eventually hopped on my finger and sat there. After a few pictures (and a selfie, see below)…

…I carried him a little further from the action and he hopped off and eventually flew away.

I may or may not have ran around telling coworkers I was now a Disney Princess. One called me a bird whisperer, another called me Snow White. Either way, I rescued a birb and I feel pretty cool.

Day. Made.


PS I may or may not have a story idea.