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From the time she was old enough to lift her tiny little hand my daughter had a thing about rubbing people’s noses and faces to fall asleep-especially mine. Now she’s four and a lot stronger and has a habit of pinching my nose closed, and hitting it. Not hard, but noses are tinder.

As hard as we try to break her she still picks her nose and eats it. Gross. I’m afraid she’ll get laughed at one day.

She’s super smart and loves to learn. I blame Daycare and YouTube Kids. I helped a little too. She’s got a good brain and learns fast.

Except for potty training. We’ve had lots of ups and downs. But maybe we will get there. Maybe.

She’s my whole world and I wouldn’t change a single moment with her. Not the poop, the nose slaps. Not the late nights or early mornings. Or those first six months where she barely slept at night and I was *this close* to jumping off a bridge.

I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t have another either. But I wouldn’t change a thing about the one I got!