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Almost exactly a year ago today I bought a ukulele on Amazon. I can probably play one cord. If I look it up on the internet.

The Uke is just one of the many examples of things I wanted to do (learn to play an instrument) that I’ll never do. SO HERE’S A LIST (in no particular order). Several I have attempted and even spent money on. Never succeeded.

  1. Learn to play an instrument – UKE
  2. Learn another language (I tried Irish, Spanish, and Sign) – I’ve bought CDs and books.
  3. Relearn to ride a bike (I’m told I know how but I can never seem to pull it back out) – Bought a bike, tried once. Was afraid of falling. Sold the bike three years later.
  4. Learn to make homemade biscuits – bought a cookbook (by one of my mom’s favorite tv personalities because of that and the biscuit recipe), a set of biscuit cutters, flour and buttermilk. Forgot.
  5. I’ve always wanted to be a good singer. I’ll NEVER spend money on that. My child likes my “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” just fine.
  6. I’ve always wanted to be a private detective. I have googled it, several years ago. It’s very expensive. I also didn’t drive at the time so I would have felt weird asking my husband for rides to stakeouts!
  7. FLIP HOUSES. Gotta have money to make money on that one. Ironically the cookbook person from number 4 used to do houses on TV.
  8. Wedding plan. I love weddings. This one started when I thought I’d never get married. Still love weddings.
  9. Tutor. I bought a book for this one. Had the idea to start my own tutoring business. Thought my education degree would be a good selling point. I worked for a tutoring company for a bit. It was a second job.
  10. Earn a living from writing. Ha. Ha ha ha. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!