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I’m back with another random post! Who knows when you’ll see me again after this!

I hate driving in the rain. I especially hate driving in the rain, especially in the dark. The rain makes everything darker. Like the night of nighttime. It’s even more difficult to see in the dark when it’s wet.

As I’ve mentioned before, about a third of my drive to and from work is riverside. At night I’m on the side closest to the river. I have very often pictured myself hydroplaning in the rain, losing control and veering off into the guardrail and into the river.

I have a very active imagination.

When I’m driving, I am almost always listening to music. I have 400+ songs on my iPod, and they range in genre to country, pop, musical and animated movie soundtracks, to 80s and more.

The other morning, in the rain, before the sun had risen, I was driving to work, in a car that has something called a “rack and pinion” going out, I was listening to music. No idea what song was on when this thought hit me, but I wondered, “What song will i die listening too?”

There’s way more songs in my iPod’s library that’d rather not hear as I breathe my last breath, or slowly drown in a muddy raging river, than songs I would.

“Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” by Lemon Demon a perky energetic tale of all the literary, television, and comic book characters you can imagine battling to the death to find the ultimate champion is not what I’d want to hear as I lay dying. NOTHING on the Wicked soundtrack seems like a good idea either!

There’s a song from the “Brave” soundtrack that starts “how did we let it come to this?” “Well I don’t know, Julie Fowlis. I thought my tires had more tread and could hold their own against a little water. Guess I was wrong!”