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One night, several weeks ago, I had a weird dream. I’m not even sure it was a dream. I just remember waking up thinking “You don’t need puppies or kittens s or even fish. You just need more family time.” And it somehow became an idea for a self-help/advice/life tips book.

It made me laugh, and made others laugh, which will always make me wanna do something. The idea has never left my head and I keep thinking of what I’d put in it.

It’d be semi-helpful, partly sarcastic, equal parts hilarious and sincere, and 100% unqualified (except I’ve been alive 35 years) type of advice, life tips, life hacks, and bits of memoir and biography.

I really like the idea of helping people, of making them laugh and think and wonder about things. I’m also wondering about the format I would put it in. Should I blog it, and have my tips and life advice here for everyone immediately? Or write it out and put it in book form?

Blog would be free. Book I would have to charge. And I’ve recently learned that no one wants to buy my stuff, for charity or not. So what should I do?