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Facebook (and Social Media)

Hello and welcome to article (episode, chapter, part? Still working on it) one of “You Don’t Need…” advice, life “hacks”, tips, and anecdotes from the world’s least qualified person.

Sometimes I pick up my phone with the intention of doing something completely different and my fingertip automatically goes to Facebook. I think in Facebook posts. I wake up in the mornings thinking about how to word that dream I just had in order to better catch a reader’s attention.

Okay that last bit might actually be a writer thing. But still. My life seems to revolve around posting, liking, commenting, refreshing, scrolling, and watching on Facebook. I have other social media accounts. But none quite so used as Facebook.

And unless you’re an “influencer” or someone who legitimately makes a living off of social media–this includes YouTubers and “inspirational” people–you don’t need Facebook.

In the current political climate, the recent pandemic fears, and other societal topics and issues swirling around the internet these days, Facebook has become a way for people to share and therefor (either intentionally or not) offend, pander, and cause fear.

Not to mention the numerous scams and outdated articles.

What was once a place to connect with old and new friends, reach out to family, and share interests via things like groups, has become what some might say is an unhealthy place.

You don’t need Facebook. You can keep in touch with people with phone calls, letter writing, greeting cards, getting together in person, smoke signals, carrier pigeons…

While Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, with all the stuff there we don’t want to see, our abilities to communicate get clouded. Just like commercials turning a 60 minute time slot into 40 minutes of actual show, a timeline filled with politics, fraud, hate, and “like if you love Jesus, ignore if you love the devil” (a personal favorite #sarcasm), makes catching up or keeping up an annoyingly frustrating process.

And yes, I’ve shared my share of recipe videos, news articles and Stop ClickBait posts, and sure, “Meme up, Scotty.” But for me, Facebook is slowly becoming more annoying.

You don’t need Facebook. But that’s just my opinion. You don’t have to listen.


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