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As some of you may know, I graduated with a bachelors in elementary education. I also currently work in retail.

I have gone through “phases” over the years, usually during back-to-school, but where I really wanted to get back into education and teach in a classroom. Well, I always want to, it’s just stronger and sometimes I try harder, especially if I’ve had a rough go of my current employment.

I’ve been in and out of a phase lately, and I ordered a book to help me study for one of the tests if need to take to renew my papers. It’s a long story.

I also decided, a few days ago, to take the unpaid leave offered by my employer to people who are afraid to risk exposer to Covid-19. I did this because of the risk to my 5 year old, but also because being quarantined and isolated from all the people she got used to in daycare, not to mention the lack of structure, has begun to show a negative effect on her.

You wouldn’t think that a 5 year old would begin to become anxious and depressed, but yep. They can. And she is showing signs. So I took leave, not only to protect her and those around us (my sister was bringing her kids to my home so she could watch mine two days a week, exposing them to what I might bring in) but to ensure she is not losing her mind or missing out.

Therefore I’ve taken it upon myself to not only make her a schedule, but to provide learning and lessons. A child in public school in my state has access to NTI work provided by the county school system. She was only in daycare (due to start public school in the fall). While he teacher in daycare provided some work, no one knew daycare would still be shut down almost two months later.

The point I’m attempting to make here, before this post reaches novel length, is that I’m enjoying the glimpse into what it might be like to teach. Although I’m still rusty on lesson planning, still unprepared, I’m enjoying it.

I miss education terribly. I’d love the opportunity to be back in a classroom. I know I wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel thirteen years later. But a girl can dream, right?

-thanks for reading